Speech Recognition

I was asked today if there was a way to convert speech to text on the computer.  My first suggestion was Dragon Dictation, an app for the iPad and iPod Touch.  Unfortunately this teacher did not have a wireless access point near her classroom in order to use this app.  After doing a little research I found that in Windows XP users can use Speech Recognition to control computer operations and convert speech to text.

To use Speech Recognition:

  1. Click START, then CONTROL PANEL.
  3. Within this window you will see options to set up a microphone to recognize speech.  Click START SPEECH RECOGNITION.
  4. The next few windows will lead you through the step by step process of using this tool.
  5. An icon will appear in your Taskbar.  You can click on this icon anytime to activate it.
  6. When activated a toolbar will appear on your screen.  Open a Word document and click the microphone on the tool bar.
  7. Speak into the microphone and it will convert your speech to text.

This application is not always perfect.  Be aware that you can set it up to recognize your speech more carefully.

Classroom Applications:

  • Help a student post information to a blog (copy and paste text from a Word document).
  • A student could use this to share/brainstorm information for a writing project.
  • Assist students that have a difficult time putting words into text.

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